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2017 Learning Transfer Research Infographic

2017 Learning Transfer Research Infographic

2017 Learning Transfer Research Infographic

Businesses globally have grappled to understand how best to increase the performance of their workforce in order to improve productivity, efficiency and engagement. As an industry we have become very good at delivering content to the right person, at the right time, in a multitude of ways. But the problem of learning transfer still exists. It is widely recognised that only around 10%-20% of any new skills and behaviours are applied back in the workplace.

This new learning transfer research surveyed 270 respondents primarily from the UK, US and Australia to understand what’s happening on a global level, right now, with this important and often neglected issue. This is the first research of it’s kind in recent years to consider learning transfer on a global scale. Check out the infographic to find out the KEY HIGHLIGHTS from brand new learning transfer research!

You can download the full research HEREDiscover what’s happening for Learning & Development professionals right now in organisations around the world and understand how it relates to your initiatives. 

  • Find out what is expected of L&D in 2017: learn what organisations expect of their L&D teams and what this means for you.
  • Discover the key learning transfer trends experienced by organisations around the globe: how much effort L&D professionals are investing  ‘AFTER’ learning initiatives, and explore the role of the manager in learning transfer.
  • Learn how your region compares to others: Find out how Australia, the USA and the UK compare in their 2017 learning budgetary trends, and understand the crucial differences between attitudes towards learning.

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