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14 Important Numbers for Your CV Infographic

14 Important Numbers for Your CV Infographic

14 Important Numbers for Your CV Infographic

To give recruiters an understanding of the level you work at, you should include plenty of numbers in your role descriptions. There are many numbers you could include on your CV, but which numbers should you choose?

While words will obviously make up the bulk of your different CV sections, there are some important numbers that you should still make an effort to include.This infographic shows 14 important numbers for your CV.

The numbers you include will of course depend on your job type and work experience, but the main ones that most prospective employers will be looking for are growth, time and savings. If you can highlight some past achievements here with figures and percentages, then you are making a great start.

Many prospective employers like to see percentages displayed wherever possible, so if you managed to increase sales or reduce costs by a measurable percentage, always mention these.

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