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How to Study, Get Smarter & Succeed in School Infographic

How to Study, Get Smarter & Succeed in School Infographic

How to Study, Get Smarter & Succeed in School Infographic

This infographic highlights tips for studying, getting smarter and succeeding in the school. This is specifically designed for students in tertiary institutions – Universities, Polytechnics and all forms of Colleges (Education, Agriculture, Health Technology, etc.). Below, you will see some of the other highlights of what you see in the infographic.

Imbibing the right study practices, eating habits and lifestyle in general go a long in determining how successful you would be in school academically. All students want to graduate with a first class but can they be disciplined enough to give all that it takes? The answer is clearly NO for many students. Some aspire to succeed and give all they have but they do things wrong. They put square pegs in round holes and expect good results.

The How to Study, Get Smarter & Succeed in School Infographic shares tips with students who want to be successful in school and are ready to make serious efforts. Make all these things daily habits and you will be surprised at the result you would get.

  • Don’t miss lectures: When you attend every lecture, you can sometimes predict what a lecturer is actually interested in and focus on them.
  • Do all assignments and submit: Assignments help familiarize you with exam questions and might be your last life of salvation when exams go sour.
  • Make notes in every class: Make notes of those extra things that are not in the lesson note but are mentioned by the lecturer.
  • Read something every day: Even if it’s just for an hour, make sure you read something in your notes daily.
  • Use study groups: Helps you get over procrastination, learn faster by working with other students and learn new study skills. Most importantly it doesn’t make studying boring.
  • Rest & Sleep Adequately: After a good night’s sleep, you feel better, your thoughts are clearer, and your emotions are less fragile.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise could benefit the parts of your brain that help recall information.
  • Test yourself — Work with past questions: Review past questions and answers. This familiarizes you with the examination format and time limits. Lecturers often pick questions from past questions.

You should also check the list of foods you should add to your diet in the school and those you should stay away from, especially during examination period.

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