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Content Curation for Education Infographic

Content Curation for Education Infographic

Content Curation for Education Infographic

Content curation is an integral part of education in today’s world. With online information expanding at an exponential rate, both educators and students are turning towards online content for research and education. The Internet provides easy access to articles, white-papers, books, videos, educational tools, etc. that help to enhance offline education and teaching methods. By exposing students to traditional classroom methods and incorporating online learning, students are able to think about topics from a wide variety of perspectives. It also helps students learn by tapping into their preferred learning styles (audio, visual, etc.).

Educators all over the world handpick supplemental online information on various topics to help their students learn, think and absorb relevant information in creative ways. More often than not there are multiple links that need to be shared. There are many bookmarking tools to collect online links however, to meet the needs of educators it’s equally important to be able to share that information in an engaging manner.

elink.io is a visual bookmarking tool that allows any online content with a URL to be collected and shared around any topic. elinks can be shared as a visual web page, sent as a curated visual email newsletter or embedded onto any website. elink also has a Chrome extension that makes it incredibly easy to save important online content on-the-go. Educators from around the world are turning to elink to help them share the best of the web with their students and colleagues.

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